Atlanta River Cabins


11131 McArthur
Atlanta, Michigan
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Thunderbay River at River Cabins

  About Us

The River Cabins have been a fixture in Atlanta for about half a century.

They were previously known as Earl's Cabins.

Twenty year ago George and I bought them and renamed them River Cabins.

We immediately began a major refurbishing by gutting out each cabin and updating them.  At this time we replaced the old outhouses with a modern bathhouse.

The renovations were a hit!  We now have many regulars.  One family has been renting all five cabins for a week each year for the last 14 years.  Several other guest have been regulars for many years.  The great fishing in the Thunderbay River and the Morel Mushrooms keep bringing some back.

The warm and friendly atmosphere has turned many of the guest into friends of the family.

Why not give us a try!

You may find your self coming back each year too.


Dottie Jones

Dottie Jones 1921 -2012  

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River Cabins 

Contact Telephone: 1 (989) 785-4222

11131 McArthur